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Gunsmithing Services

I offer the following services ... General repair of handguns, rifles and shotguns both military and commercial, foreign and domestic; Scope installation and sight upgrade modifications;  Metal refinishing - salt blue, rust blue, parkerizing and nickel plating; Action jobs for service or target competition utilization; Accurizing the 1911 platform; Permanent pinned AR muzzle compensators;  Bayonet lug removal and modifying telescoping stocks to fixed type for New Jersey compliance.


I offer transfers from the various gun auction sites.


Also, interstate firearms transfers available from internet auctions - $60.00 per firearm and $16.00 NICS Background check fee, total $76.00.


Discounts are available for Law Enforcement both active and retired, and active military personnel.


All repair work is done in-house and handled personally by me. The only work I subcontract out is refinishing and some specialized rifle barrel work.


Please Contact Us with any questions you may have.

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